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What is Mandem Clothing?

Mandem is a clothing brand by the mandem, for the mandem. Mandem marries streetwear with practicality and comfort with high quality enviornmentally friendly fabrics. Mandem is me, you, her and them. We are Mandem.

Who are you and how did you get started?

I am Paul Allimadi, creative director and head designer. I started out by being offered a design role with my business partner, Justin Mwaka, who helped realise my skill set as a fashion designer and being able to see as well as set trends in the creative industry.

We started off giving a years’ worth of clothing away for free to music artists in the grime scene under our label Lyrics4Lyrics. We started Mandem as a capsule collection 3 years ago, it was so successful we developed it and created it into its own standalone brand.

What have been your experiences as a Black business owner?

My experience as a Black business owner has been up and down, as with most businesses. We have sometimes felt we have had a lack of visibility in the commercial market, be it less access or knowledge on how to place ourselves in a very competitive market.

We have also had amazing experiences being part of a strong Black led business community that’s main purposes is to expose us to other like-minded brands and more importantly, give potential leads and clientele for our business to be able to grow.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be relentless and consistent. Doors will be shut in your face; you will run out of money, and you will lose motivation, but all those obstacles are temporary. Do not take your foot off the brakes. Keep going!